Friday, December 6, 2013

Hello my FIERCE FASHIONISTA’S, welcome to the Stylesider!

A little bit about myself…
My name is Chloe Iman, I am a Texas Native who’s lived everywhere from the small city of Beaumont, to Houston, to now living in the big City of Dallas.  Since moving to Dallas in middle school I discovered my love for the art of fashion.  Anything related to fashion whether it be books, blogs, tv shows, or fashion shows just sends chills down my spine.  Growing up, I have always been sort of a shy introvert and finally at the age of 23 I have decided to live out loud and follow my dream, who cares what other people think right?? 

With all that we have to pay for  in our day to day lives, trying to keep up with all of the latest fashion trends and all of the expensive clothes that some of our celebs and bloggers inspire us to wear, sometimes keeping up with the Kardashians can become quite the task.  Ladies, I am here to tell you that I am all for blogging on a budget and the look for less.  Don’t get me wrong I do agree quality over quantity but there is absolutely nothing wrong with finding some fashion forward pieces from your affordable retail stores and/or thrift shops.  Whether everyone thinks so or not what we wear is important.  It is a way of self expression and it says a lot about us as a person and our personality.   Through the Stylesider, I hope that you all can see that you too can be stylish wherever you go, even with a budget. 

Hopefully you will follow my fashion journey and be inspired by my canvas of looks and beauty tips.  Feel  free to leave comments...


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