Thursday, January 9, 2014

My January Wish List

January Wish List

Since I am a look for less kinda gal I try to limit my shopping budget to $300 a month, I know it’s not much but when you have bills to pay and you’re trying to build up your savings account, having a $300 shopping budget is a privilege.  Unless I need to make that occasional expensive purchase on a nice handbag or a pair of well-deserved shoes, I try to stick to my monthly budget.

Since it is January, you will see that there are sales left and right as retailers are trying to get rid of their winter clothes to make room for their new spring and summer wardrobe that’s about to be shipped in.  Being that I need to get my winter wardrobe game up I wanted to focus my January wish list on some winter essentials that I will need to finish out this winter and can be of use to me for next winter.  A nice coat can easily cost you over 300 bucks, so why not buy it now when its half that price. Everything that I chose are simple and timeless pieces, since I want to get use out of this next year I didn't want to choose anything that may or may come next winter.  Hope you like my January Picks!

P.S. if you noticed, most of my looks are on sale, this is the best time to shop for next years winter wardrobe!

 What is your January wish list?  Share it with me.

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Celebrity Style Off: Rihanna vs. Miley

Hi Fashionista's!

Happy Hump Day!
A little fun topic I wanted to bring into my blog was doing a celebrity style off where I compare 2 celebrities to get everyone's opinion on who is the fiercest when it comes to style. For today's celebrity style off I decided to kick it off with the two most talked about "bad" girls, Rihanna and Miley Cyrus.

As we all know, Miley and Rihanna have had their fair share of media attention, they are always in the press about everything from their relationship drama to their drastic hair changes.  One thing’s for sure, these two ladies don’t care what anyone thinks when it comes to their style or their behavior. 
Currently, the naked “Wrecking Ball” singer and the Doobi wrapped (her hair style at the AMA's) Barbados pop star are two of the most controversial and talked about fashion risk takers of our generation.  Which of the two do you think is the fiercest when it comes to style and why?


Miley- is the definition of Girl Gone Wild. Hannah Montana was just a character she played and now that the show is over she is able to show the world who she really is.  She cut her long locks, added some tattoos, shed some clothes and now she’s clearly no longer that girl we used to watch on TV.  I’m not an advocate of her x-rated behavior and some of the things that she does but I admire that at the end of the day she says what she wants, wears what she wants and does what she wants and doesn’t care what anyone has to say about it (Hence her VMA performance with Robin Thicke).  As far as her style is concerned, when her hair isn’t in little girl pig tails I like the blonde short cut on her, she definitely rocks it well..  Miley has a very effortless street style that I like.  Ever heard of  Her style reminds me of the whole NastyGal concept, she’s someone who likes to push the boundaries of how a woman should be, her street style is very relaxed and effortless and has absolutely no filter.

Rihanna-When Rihanna first came out with her debut song titled Pon de Replay, she was a very simple and seemed to have that "girl next door" look, I had no idea that she would turn into the person she is now until her song “Umbrella” came out.  Rihanna is such a trendsetter.  Every time she tries something new with her hair you can almost bet that you will see a few ladies chop or color their hair to keep up with her.  Rihanna has us “Normal” people whipped, we are constantly looking up to her for fashion trends and hair ideas.  Rihanna’s style consists of statement pieces…its never to simple or to ordinary, she likes to cross dress sometimes with baggy pants and pant suits and I also notice that she tends to mix feminine pieces with masculine pieces.  She really plays off of the whole edgy look.

...and the winner is....
RIHANNA, not only is this barbados beauty the person we all look to for the next fashion trends or hair/beauty tips but she is a well rounded business woman.  I like Miley's effortless street style but her over the top behavior does over shadow her style (in my opinion), we tend to pay more attention to her twerking and sticking her tongue out than we do to what she's wearing.

Do you agree or disagree with my choice?  Leave your comments! :)

Sunday, January 5, 2014

A Fresh Start

Hi Fashionista's! 

It is officially 2014!! 
The new year is always such an exciting time of year as you feel like you are given the opportunity to start fresh.  Bad habits that you had in the previous year(s) can now be put to rest and you are able to turn over a new leaf by setting some resolutions of things that you want to change in the coming year whether it be working out more, eating healthy, being positive, etc...

In the spirit of a fresh start, I am going to tell you how to keep a fresh and healthy face with my skin cleaning regimen.  How many of you have spent so much money on trying to find the perfect skin care regimen based off of what you've seen on TV or what the celebs are using? (Be honest, Im guilty of this...).  I know that we like to follow the celebs sometimes but at the end of the day we have to remember that what works for them isn't what's going to work for us.  We are all uniquely made with different types of skin and different types of skin problems.  

Here are my go to products that I use twice a day to achieve clear, healthy skin.

Left to Right:
Clinique Eye Makeup Remover 
Clinique Facial Cleansing Soap
Clinique Clarifying Lotion 2
Fashion Fair Vantex Moisturizer

When waking up in the morning and after a long day of work, these are my go to products to get my face clean and makeup free.  I have been using these products for about 2-3 years now and I love what it does for my skin.  What I like about the Clinique skin care line is how it's not generic and made for just one skin type.  Depending on if your skin is primarily oily, dry, or a combination of the two, clinique has different formulas in their products specific to your skin type.  For my daily moisturizer I like to use Vantex by Fashion Fair which is a skin bleaching creme, if you have an uneven skin tone like I do, you will need a product similar to this to help get your skin tone even.

Skin Care Cleaning Steps:

Eye Makeup Remover

Facial Cleansing/Exfoliating
*Exfoliating typically should be done twice a week this gets rid of the clogged pores that oil and makeup tend to cause


-Invest in your skin
-You don't have to have the most expensive skin care products to achieve beautiful skin
-Try getting samples of products before spending tons of money on a product that may or may work for your skin
-Talk to a skin care professional

I apologize for making this post so lengthy, I get a little excited when talking about skin care (as if you didn't notice).  Have a great week everyone and remember YOU are beautiful!

xoxo Chloe'