Thursday, January 9, 2014

My January Wish List

January Wish List

Since I am a look for less kinda gal I try to limit my shopping budget to $300 a month, I know it’s not much but when you have bills to pay and you’re trying to build up your savings account, having a $300 shopping budget is a privilege.  Unless I need to make that occasional expensive purchase on a nice handbag or a pair of well-deserved shoes, I try to stick to my monthly budget.

Since it is January, you will see that there are sales left and right as retailers are trying to get rid of their winter clothes to make room for their new spring and summer wardrobe that’s about to be shipped in.  Being that I need to get my winter wardrobe game up I wanted to focus my January wish list on some winter essentials that I will need to finish out this winter and can be of use to me for next winter.  A nice coat can easily cost you over 300 bucks, so why not buy it now when its half that price. Everything that I chose are simple and timeless pieces, since I want to get use out of this next year I didn't want to choose anything that may or may come next winter.  Hope you like my January Picks!

P.S. if you noticed, most of my looks are on sale, this is the best time to shop for next years winter wardrobe!

 What is your January wish list?  Share it with me.

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