Sunday, January 5, 2014

A Fresh Start

Hi Fashionista's! 

It is officially 2014!! 
The new year is always such an exciting time of year as you feel like you are given the opportunity to start fresh.  Bad habits that you had in the previous year(s) can now be put to rest and you are able to turn over a new leaf by setting some resolutions of things that you want to change in the coming year whether it be working out more, eating healthy, being positive, etc...

In the spirit of a fresh start, I am going to tell you how to keep a fresh and healthy face with my skin cleaning regimen.  How many of you have spent so much money on trying to find the perfect skin care regimen based off of what you've seen on TV or what the celebs are using? (Be honest, Im guilty of this...).  I know that we like to follow the celebs sometimes but at the end of the day we have to remember that what works for them isn't what's going to work for us.  We are all uniquely made with different types of skin and different types of skin problems.  

Here are my go to products that I use twice a day to achieve clear, healthy skin.

Left to Right:
Clinique Eye Makeup Remover 
Clinique Facial Cleansing Soap
Clinique Clarifying Lotion 2
Fashion Fair Vantex Moisturizer

When waking up in the morning and after a long day of work, these are my go to products to get my face clean and makeup free.  I have been using these products for about 2-3 years now and I love what it does for my skin.  What I like about the Clinique skin care line is how it's not generic and made for just one skin type.  Depending on if your skin is primarily oily, dry, or a combination of the two, clinique has different formulas in their products specific to your skin type.  For my daily moisturizer I like to use Vantex by Fashion Fair which is a skin bleaching creme, if you have an uneven skin tone like I do, you will need a product similar to this to help get your skin tone even.

Skin Care Cleaning Steps:

Eye Makeup Remover

Facial Cleansing/Exfoliating
*Exfoliating typically should be done twice a week this gets rid of the clogged pores that oil and makeup tend to cause


-Invest in your skin
-You don't have to have the most expensive skin care products to achieve beautiful skin
-Try getting samples of products before spending tons of money on a product that may or may work for your skin
-Talk to a skin care professional

I apologize for making this post so lengthy, I get a little excited when talking about skin care (as if you didn't notice).  Have a great week everyone and remember YOU are beautiful!

xoxo Chloe'

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