Wednesday, December 11, 2013

A "Chill-y" Night out

Hey Fashionista's!

This weekend with the crazy Dallas weather, I started getting cabin fever from being stranded in the house all day on Friday (Don't get me wrong, I'm so glad i got a day off from work) so Saturday I took a risk and got out on those icey rodes to go have a drink at this new restaurant called Mexican Sugar. 

I found this Mauve top last summer and this was my first time wearing it.  I scored this cute blouse on sale from Francesca's Collections for just 9 bucks! I know, super cheap right?
 From the pictures it's probably hard for you all to tell, but what makes this top so unique is the bold zipper detail down the middle of the shirt and the chic poof shoulders.  I decided to pair this with black jeans and light accessories because I didnt want to take away from the detail of the shirt by adding a necklace or anything too loud.  Hope you like this chic yet simple look for a chill night out! 

-Chloe' Iman